Tablets Dosage form is one of a most prefered dosage form all over the world

Almost all drug molecules can be formulated in a tablet and process of manufactiring of tablets too is very simple , and is very flexible.

One can administere 0.01 mg of a drug dose to 1 gm of a drug dose by oral route of administration , by formulating as a tablet.

We have decided to write about tablets manufacturing , formulations.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is meant by B tooling D tooling DB tooling and BB tooling dies and punches in tablet compression machine

Tablet tooling
Tablet compression machines are made in keeping in view the type of dies and punches will be used on them , The dies and punches and their setup on compression machine is called tooling , it is classified as B and D mainly .
The B tooling dies and punch can be further have specifications as BB and D tooling can also be dies and punches can be utilsed on B tooling machine which is called as DB

Mainly there are two standards, ad D and B , in US specification provided by Tableting Specification Manual (TSM )is followed where as in Europe European standard known as the EU, or "Euronorm" standard is.
There is not much difference in both the specifications but both are very different.

Difference between B and D tooling
Following is the key difference between D and B tooling for tablets compression
D tooling
Barel Diameter is 1 inch
Head Diameter is 1 and ¼ th inch length is 5.25 inch
Dies outer diameter is 0.945 and
BB Tolling
Barel Diameter is 0.75 inch
Head Diameter is 1 inch length is 5.25 inch
Dies outer diameter is 30.16 mm
B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long.
D tooling dies and punches are usually have thick diameter or have greater diameter of their body as well as the tip of punches also dies have greater outer diameter compared to B type tolling which makes D type tolling dies and punches suitable for compression of big size tablets as the tip of the pinches is border compared to B tooling dues and punches.
Many sub categories like DB , BB type tablets dies and punches are made depending up on the punches and dies requirement of product.
Following table will be useful in understanding the concept of tablet tooling and how they are classified as B and D tooling and BB and DB tooling.