Tablets Dosage form is one of a most prefered dosage form all over the world

Almost all drug molecules can be formulated in a tablet and process of manufactiring of tablets too is very simple , and is very flexible.

One can administere 0.01 mg of a drug dose to 1 gm of a drug dose by oral route of administration , by formulating as a tablet.

We have decided to write about tablets manufacturing , formulations.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Drug saftey alert about Ketoconazole Tablet

Drug safety alert By USFDA: ketoconazole tables use orally to treat Fungal infection on Skin and nail. is associated with loss of lives due to serious liver damage and adrenalin gland abnormalities. USFDA has mentioned brand Nizoral of Pfizer in its drug safety communication on its site. Topical dosage form of drug Ketoconazole is safe for these indications, it donot exhibit such adverse effect like those reported for oral dosage form. This is because toxic metabolites are not generated in liver as drug escapes its first pass metabolism in liver when used topically, and amount of drug passing in to systemic circulation too is low.