Tablets Dosage form is one of a most prefered dosage form all over the world

Almost all drug molecules can be formulated in a tablet and process of manufactiring of tablets too is very simple , and is very flexible.

One can administere 0.01 mg of a drug dose to 1 gm of a drug dose by oral route of administration , by formulating as a tablet.

We have decided to write about tablets manufacturing , formulations.

You will find our articles very intresting as , we are writng out of our experience of actual manufacturing of about 1000 different formulations and drugs , and not merily with therotical experience.

We will provide here on this blog case studies of tablets formulations , trouble shooting , development , tablets machineries tools and many intresting things about tablets formulations and tablets coating , our blog will guide for developing a cost effective and cheaper tablet coating materials .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sustained Release Dosage Forms

Sustained Release Dosage Forms
Another form of coating is enteric coated tablets which are coated with a material which will dissolve in the intestine but remain intact in the stomach. Polymeric acid compounds have been used for this purpose with some success. This topic and the area of sustained release products has been discussed in more detail in other courses. also see pharmaceutical validation

for short half-life drugs, sustained release can mean less frequent dosing and thus better compliance.
reduce variations in plasma/blood levels for more consistent result.

More complicated formulation, may be more erratic in result. A sustained release product may contain a larger dose, i.e. the dose for two or three (or more) 'normal' dosing intervals. A failure of the controlled release mechanism may result in release of a large toxic dose.
more expensive technology also see validation
Types of products

erosion tablets
waxy matrix
matrix erodes or drug leaches from matrix
coated pellets
different pellets (colors) have different release properties
coated ion exchange
osmotic pump
insoluble coat with small hole. Osmotic pressure pushes the drug out at a controlled rate.
Results - reduced side effects,this website www,tablets dosage form,blogspot,com is dedicated for educting pharmaceuticle students, also see process validation

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