Tablets Dosage form is one of a most prefered dosage form all over the world

Almost all drug molecules can be formulated in a tablet and process of manufactiring of tablets too is very simple , and is very flexible.

One can administere 0.01 mg of a drug dose to 1 gm of a drug dose by oral route of administration , by formulating as a tablet.

We have decided to write about tablets manufacturing , formulations.

You will find our articles very intresting as , we are writng out of our experience of actual manufacturing of about 1000 different formulations and drugs , and not merily with therotical experience.

We will provide here on this blog case studies of tablets formulations , trouble shooting , development , tablets machineries tools and many intresting things about tablets formulations and tablets coating , our blog will guide for developing a cost effective and cheaper tablet coating materials .

Friday, May 8, 2009

Guide for pharmacists and chemists associated with pharmaceuticals manufacturing

Guide for pharmacists and chemists associated with pharmaceuticals manufacturing

I am a pharmacists and i am associated with pharmaceuticals manufacturing and all its process.
I am working in a Pharmaceuticals manufacturing firm in UK.
It is very important to keep your self updated in your field
I will like you to refer you to a blog
This blog is written by group of pharmacists regularly .
I find this as a best place for updating my knowledge.
There is lots of articles on cgmp , and regulatory affairs you will find every thing on this blog .
pharmaceuticals guide for pharmacists .

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